Web Development Week 3: ICE 5&6

I already had a Code Academy account from last year, its really nice to learn with at my own pace and go back to areas that I need to practice with. Javascript is confusing to me only because it has a certain mindset when coding it. It requires me to actively remember algebraic scenarios like “if X is also Y from function Z.” Which is confusing because I have to keep backtracking. I’m sure a LOT of practice will help me move along but it will take a while.

click here if you want to see my Codeacademy profile!

Unit conversion is… confusing. I mainly would look at how other people did things which made me feel less accomplished. I’d retype bits of the code like kicking a slow computer until it worked which shows I need a stronger comprehension of Javascript. I feel like there is something basic, a theory of some sort that I’m missing and therefore making everything beyond it more difficult.

You can find my unit conversion exercise here That’s all for now, I know these posts are late so a few will be popping up here until I’m caught up. Usually I don’t know what I should really comment about when these are due, along with trying to finish ICE’s on time. Not an excuse though so I’ll just try harder!

Web Development: Week 2

I’m having a nice time in this class, it seems to be going faster than I expected and while I know how to do what is asked I don’t know if it’s as easy for me as it is for the other classmates. The in class assignments are easy enough to do and let me experiment more with fast css design decisions.

My in class exercise 4 is up here.

Playing with the box model although it’s somewhat silly to make websites that don’t have an intentional use compared to a site developed for a product or communication

Easily Convert Photoshop Layer Styles to CSS3 with CSS Hat

Saw this today but I found it highly interesting! CSS Hat is a Photoshop plugin that has found a way to convert layer styles and create CSS that you can copy, paste and save the time of guessing or tinkering! Right now it’s $19.99 through their website!

We built CSS Hat to support all common vendor prefixes - radial transparent gradient for Firefox? No problem! We even generate SVG for IE9. CSS Hat also takes measurements and detects rounded corners on vector shapes – so you can be sure to get the exact same thing in browser. Strokes, shadows, glows? We render them all, just check out the sample kit.

And from what their Live Demos show it actually works and I’m fairly impressed! I’ve seen other great apps for CSS3 like Espresso by MacRabbit (my weapon of choice when it comes to code editing) and Gradient by Jumpzero which simplifies the process of making… well… gradients, but CSS Hat is setting the bar higher for tools of this sort.

I’d buy it but right now I have to get a summer job, hopefully a paid internship focused around design or web design, wish me luck and I hope this was an interesting find to you as it was for me!
Edit! I actually did go out and buy it after all so I’ll have some fun with this ;3