Sorry about Reblogging

I have come to realize that I consider Reblogging to be somewhat annoying and especially if it’s something you’ve already seen or even if you see it right after someone else just reblogged it. Honestly I want to be able to do enough so my future posts are original. Right now I’ll watch some top design tumbr accounts like WE AND THE COLOR but I’ll see multiple instances. Let alone following mutual Tumblr members that will reblog what the other account reblogged and so on. I don’t wan’t to necessarily be a carbon copy of someone else.

So yes I’m working on getting more things done but I am also working on getting a stable job for the summer so I can return for my second year of college. I’ll be getting into Wordpress and Wordpress themes soon with the renovations of the RIT Art House website. Expect progress shots and possible live demos if I can do it, never done it before but we all start somewhere!